What is a Vision Statement?

“Vision translates mission into truly meaningful intended results – and guides the allocation of time, energy, and resources.  In my experience, it is only through a compelling vision that a deep sense of purpose comes alive"

-Peter Senge, Author The Fifth Discipline


What it does:

  • Provides a word picture of what the organization intends to ultimately become

  • A description of your “desired future state” describing your organization as you’d like it to be in five, ten or more years

  • It is the future picture that all Strategy and Objectives are directed toward


Vision Statement Criteria:

  • Is it Verifiable – Will you know when you get there?

  • Is it Feasible to achieve?

  • Is it Inspiring? 

  • Is it Concise?

  • Does it Balances External and Internal Elements?

  • Does it appeal to all Stakeholders?

  • Is it consistent with the Mission and Values?

Vision Statement Examples:

  • To become the most competitive enterprise in the world by being number one or number two in market share in every business the company is in.

  • I have a dream that all men will be judged by the merit of their character, not by the color of their skin.

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