What is a Mission Statement?

   “One of the biggest mistakes organizations make is to turn their missions into hero sandwiches of good intentions.”  

Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Management

What it does:

  • This is why the organization exists

  • The core purpose of the organization

  • Describes how you meet the customer’s and client’s needs

  • Describes what the organization focuses on everyday

Mission Statement Criteria:

  • Keep it...
    • Simple and Clear.
    • Realistic and authentic.  
    • Easy to Understand
    • Easy to Communicate
  • The Mission should answer three key questions:
    1. What is it that we do?
    2. How do we do it?
    3. For whom are we doing it?


Mission Statement Examples:

  • "We increase sales for our customers."

  • "The U.S. space program will put a man on the moon by the end of the decade"

  • “Build better families and a stronger community.”

  • “To offer all of the fine customers in our territories all of their household needs in a manner in which they continue to think of us fondly.”

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