“Helen has been very instrumental in the ongoing execution of our strategic planning process for the last 4 years. She has tremendous strategic skills and is a quick study (we are in a very high tech industry, cancer genomics).

We needed someone who was a strategic thinker that could manage our strategic planning process as well as coach the various stakeholders. Helen has a true servant leader approach and thus leads with influence and motivation which enabled her to have such success at Clarient given the variety of stakeholders involved (Physicians, PhDs, Finance, Marketing etc.).

The strategic plan she assisted us with ended in a sale to GE Healthcare for 5.8 times revenue...the highest ever in our industry.”

Ronnie Andrews
Clarient, A GE Healthcare Company

"A consummate professional that is thorough, incredibly passionate, a great people manager and tremendous strategic thinker. Helped me in a critical time in my business to ensure I was successful."

Julie Pollard Kelly
Senior Vice President (Retired)
Customer Operations and Systems

“This was an important meeting with many organizational leaders across the country. I didn’t know how this meeting would turn out. We had a brand new idea that needed to be tested. Helen exceeded my expectations in bringing the group together so that we ended up with plans to move forward with support from these leaders.”

Dr. Jack Preus
Concordia University

“It’s one thing to have a good strategy and it’s quite another executing it effectively through the company. This is where many companies fail. Helen has the ability to see through the layers of an organization and has helped our executive team gain clarity, direction and momentum, all of which have been focused towards achievable results.”

Bob Bautista

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