How can we increase our probability of effectiveness?

Nobody can guarantee success or failure but the process that is used to develop the plan, the format of the plan itself and management’s use of the strategic plan all will impact your probability of success.


The Process:

  1. Include both the informal and formal organizational leaders

  2. Start with a common understanding and expectations

  3. Actively include those who will implement the plan

  4. Agree that critical and difficult issues will be addressed - even if uncomfortable

  5. Determine how the strategic plan will be used as a management tool


  1. Include both an internal and external perspective

  2. Consider strategy, organizational elements, operational plans and change management

  3. Do not get too detailed

  4. Make sure the strategic plan is grounded in reality with a hope for the future

  5. Keep the concepts simple


As a Management Tool:

  1. Link to short term decision making

  2. Break the plan down into everyday management

  3. Establish operational goals and objectives aligned to the strategic plan

  4. Develop a system to monitor and measure - you get what you measure

  5. Pay for performance

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