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The Right Fit for business leaders and companies looking for personalized service, an advocate for your success and who need to realize Business Traction and measurable results - fast!

Strategic Management Resources is based in Orange County, California. We help our clients develop effective high levels of organizational capability that gives them Business Traction. That is what they tell us sets us apart from other corporate consultants. "It's the sure footing that pulls you up and over your business goals."

We give you the knowledge, tools and techniques to gain and to maintain momentum.

Business Traction 'bizn?s/ 'trakSH(?)n/ - (verb) The grip of an effective systems thinking strategy that propels an organization forward to achieve superior business results and immediate short term results.

We assist our clients to envision the future for their organization, develop effective planning strategies, build high levels of organizational capability, and cultivate transformational leaders who can effectively collaborate and lead the implementation plans.

Organizations are not simplistic and independent machines but rather complex, living, breathing organisms that go through predictable growth and maturation cycles. Real results are achieved by leveraging a multi-dimensional and dynamic methodology. Strategy, organizational, and operations planning are integrated into the business along with the mental, personal and internal motivation of the employees.

What We Do:

  • Deliver an integrated, strategic and systems planning methodology
  • Identify and facilitate organizational and transformational change
  • Leadership development, mentoring and coaching

What Our Clients Achieve:

  • Fast, effective and sustainable results
  • Build internal competency and knowledge transfer
  • Leaders equipped to lead strategic management

How We Do It:

  • Proven strategic planning and change management models
  • Treat organizations not as independent machines but rather living, breathing organisms that go through predictable growth and maturation cycles
  • A multi-dimensional and dynamic approach to the business by integrating strategy, organizational, and operations planning
  • A multi-dimensional and dynamic approach to the people by leveraging and integrating mental and intellectual capabilities, personal capacity and character, and internal motivation

Outcomes To Be Expected:

  • Focus and alignment of goals, objectives and priorities
  • Increasingly more customer and market focused
  • Organizational alignment and capacity in people, process and technology
  • Reduced internal resistance
  • Employees motivated to take the initiative
  • Culture change

Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

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